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Details5/28/2013 7:00 AM8/15/2015 5:00 PM200 ACADEMY ST, 413 ACADEMY ST, 5 COURTNEY ST (more...)Construction of new Academy Street dining and residence hallDavid McNamara (302) 218-0891 DJMC@UDEL.EDU
Details6/6/2014 7:00 AM6/5/2015 4:30 AMALFRED LERNER, EWING HALL, PURNELL HALL (more...)Install construction fence for an addition to Purnell HallMarcia Hutton (302) 218-0880 MARCIADA@UDEL.EDU
Details3/16/2015 6:00 AM3/31/2016 6:00 PMDUPONT HALL, DUPONT HALL - EAST, DUPONT HALL - WEST (more...)Construction of an addition to the Life Sciences Research FacilityMarcia Hutton (302) 218-0880 MARCIADA@UDEL.EDU
Details4/6/2015 7:00 AM8/7/2015 5:00 PMLAUREL HALLExisting steam and condensate lines are being replacedDavid McNamara (302) 218-0891 DJMC@UDEL.EDU
Details5/15/2015 7:00 AM6/1/2015 7:00 AMCHRISTIANA COMMONS BLD, CHRISTIANA EAST TOWER, CHRISTIANA PUMP HOUSE (more...)To improve stormwater management and repair parking lot erosion.Jennifer Pyle (302) 831-8070 JENPYLE@UDEL.EDU
Details5/29/2015 5:00 AM5/30/2015 6:00 PM1 INNOVATION WAY BLD 4 (LEASED - NO MAINTENANCE), 100 ELKTON ROAD (COLL. OF ENG.) (NO MAINTENANCE), 102 DALLAM RD - RENTAL (more...)Lots reserved for ADA parking for Convocations: Lots 20, 24, 26, 34, 35, 35C, SW section of 53Jenni Sparks (302) 831-4142 JLSPARKS@UDEL.EDU
Details5/31/2015 9:30 AM6/10/2015 8:00 AMGOLD ICE ARENAPerform repairs and add new controls to refrigeration systemJeffrey Doucette (302) 831-4634 JDOUC@UDEL.EDU
Details6/1/2015 6:30 AM8/7/2015 4:00 PMBOB CARPENTER CTR (BCC)Demolition of the existing quarry tile floor and the installation of a new Terrazzo floor.Tom Hudson (302) 690-6412 HUDSON@UDEL.EDU
Details6/1/2015 7:00 AM6/12/2015 3:30 PMLIFE SCIENCESPrevent false fire alarmsMarcia Hutton (302) 218-0880 MARCIADA@UDEL.EDU
Details6/2/2015 6:00 AM6/2/2015 8:00 AM1 INNOVATION WAY BLD 4 (LEASED - NO MAINTENANCE), 100 ELKTON ROAD (COLL. OF ENG.) (NO MAINTENANCE), 111 S. MAIN ST. (COLL. OF ENG.) (NO MAINTENANCE) (more...)Upgrade UD wireless network to the latest softwareDarryl Cofield (302) 831-6086 DJC@UDEL.EDU
Details6/3/2015 7:00 AM7/27/2015 5:00 PMKENT DINING HALL, KENT HALLGas shutdown to facilitate the installation of underground chilled water piping near Kent Dining Hal lDavid McNamara (302) 218-0891 DJMC@UDEL.EDU
Details6/3/2015 7:00 AM7/27/2015 5:00 PMCANNON HALL, SUSSEX HALLFacilitate installing underground steam piping on south side of The GreenDavid McNamara (302) 218-0891 DJMC@UDEL.EDU
Details6/4/2015 7:30 AM6/4/2015 4:30 PMBROWN LABInspect fire suppression agent cylindersKevin McSweeney (302) 831-6847 KMCSWEEN@UDEL.EDU
Details6/4/2015 8:00 AM6/4/2015 4:30 PMCOMPUTING CENTER (192 S CHAPEL ST)Installing high pressure FM-200 Agent hoses which are overdue hydrostatic testingKevin McSweeney (302) 831-6847 KMCSWEEN@UDEL.EDU